Blog: Human Service Informatics

Human service organizations face daunting challenges in managing information: isolated silos, vexing information systems, difficulties in producing desired performance indicators, and the strain of meeting upstream funders’ disparate data requirements.

Systems thinking is the starting point for resolving all of these problems.


Information Systems Strategy

Human service organizations need information systems that manage data as usefully for analytics as for operations, and that can evolve gracefully when programs and needs change.

Facing the Flexibility Problem in Human Service Information Systems
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A Taxonomy of Barriers to Producing Performance Indicators on Human Service Programs
Data Administration Newsletter (9/2012)

Data Architecture

The foundation of an information system is its data model. A data-centric methodology can produce a higher quality information system.

Human Services

Why Clarity and Holism Matter for Managing Human Service Information 
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Modeling Participant Flows in Human Service Programs
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An Ecosystems Approach to Human Service Database Design
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A Framework for Logical Data Models in Courts
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